Scalable Talent.

Flexible Delivery

Industry Expertise

Izoba finds organizations the best technical talent across both software and hardware disciplines, providing you and your team the bandwidth to focus on business deliverables.

Scale With Ease

Izoba provides an individualized hiring strategy, allowing organizations to scale seamlessly.

A Transparent Approach

Izoba offers a transparent and dedicated approach to solving hiring challenges, working in lockstep with clients to ensure results.


Transparency, Integrity, Purpose, Dedication


Temporary Employment Services

Izoba finds technical talent to work for clients on an hourly contract basis.

Contractors are W-2 employees; meaning that paycheck withholding, worker’s compensation, onboarding, background checks, and benefits are assumed by Izoba.

Clients agree to an hourly rate, and pay said rate for hours worked by each contractor.


Blended Employment Services

“Try before you buy” scenario. Similar to the contract model, contractors are W-2 employees of Izoba; however, clients have the option to hire contractors on a permanent basis.
Clients have the option to convert contractors to full time employees of their organization upon 6 months of successful contract employment.
This solution provides the flexibility to scale teams as needed.

Direct Placement

Permanent Employment Services

Izoba finds clients employees to join their organization on a permanent basis.
Clients pay a one time finder’s fee upon the hiring of a permanent employee.
Izoba provides a 30 day guarantee to ensure best fit.


An Unparalleled Staffing Experience

1. Free Consultation


We listen to our clients in order to understand business strategy and growth plan.


We create an individualized staff augmentation strategy.

2. Value


We work with the client to develop an Employee Value Proposition.

We highlight your organization’s greatest strengths in order to attract uniquely qualified candidates.

3. Strategy


We develop custom messaging and screening questions.

We assess potential candidates, filtering out all but the top talent.

4. Insights


We provide funnel metrics and talent landscape updates on an ongoing basis.

We allow you to understand new and historical data for all future hiring.

5. Delivery


We present screened and qualified candidates for clients to review, interview, and hire.


You hire top talent and get back to doing what you do best!


Tami Aderoba, Founder

Chief Executive Officer

Tami is the Founder of Izoba and brings deep staffing expertise spanning dozens of technical disciplines and industries. In addition to the private sector, he has also provided staffing services for local, state, and federal government entities.

Tami has led internal recruiting for some of the most recognizable tech companies in the world; building new business units from infancy to scale. From self driving cars and electric bikes/scooters, to a world class aerospace organization, Tami is an expert in the art of niche and hard-to-fill roles. Tami believes that honest relationships are at the core of everything he does; and takes great pride in building partnerships that last.

Lincoln Goetting, Co-Founder


Lincoln is the Co-Founder of Izoba, bringing more than half a decade of technical recruiting expertise from the most recognizable companies in the world. In addition, Lincoln spent his early years crafting his work ethic at a top technical staffing agency.

Lincoln firmly believes that diversity is at the heart of a successful team and is dedicated to delivering top talent to his clients. He prides himself on living up to the challenge of filling unique roles: whether that’s building teams around flying taxis, premium phones, cloud gaming systems or the hottest social media app, Lincoln delivers.

“Above all else, I was impressed with his natural ability to deliver incredible results across 5+ business units simultaneously. Tami is an asset to any leader looking to grow their team.”

Ashlee Barden – Director, Boulevard

“Tami has driven massive implementations and improvements across the hiring cycle for various groups within the technology space, and has shown the executive presence needed to integrate newly acquired entities into a much larger company… Tami leads by example and keeps diversity top of mind when integrating new processes or looking for the correct candidate for the role”

– Vince Volpe – Sr Manager, Uber


Izoba was founded out of the realization that current options for external staffing are less than satisfactory.

Our goal is simple: make your life easier by finding you the best talent. Our team brings technical talent acquisition expertise from some of the most recognizable companies in the world. We take a meticulously tailored approach toward developing robust engagement and attraction plans for our clients.

Our flexible model allows us to fit the needs of companies of various sizes and maturation. Our transparent approach affords our clients peace of mind as we work in lockstep toward your goals.

Your success is our success, and we find purpose in being a part of your journey.


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